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Forums - Sales Discussion - First Strike! Hot Shots Golf Sells ~50% (150k) first day!

From (a German videogame website, that has info about Japanese first days, similar to Shinobi).


Translated from



26.07.07 - Sonys sport game Everybody's it gulfs 5 (jap.  'Minna no gulfs 5') came today into the trade in Japan and left a good start.  That follows out of wholesale trade circle. 

Accordingly the game in many businesses is sold out already to 50 percent.  The trade appreciates, become could that Everybody's it gulfs 5 at the end even more often sold as a Gundam (300,000 St.). 

Original Text:


26.07.07 - Sonys Sportspiel Everybody's Golf 5 (jap. 'Minna no Golf 5') kam heute in den Handel in Japan und hat einen guten Start hingelegt. Das geht aus Großhandelskreisen hervor.

Demnach ist das Spiel in vielen Geschäften bereits zu 50 Prozent ausverkauft. Der Handel schätzt, dass Everybody's Golf 5 am Ende sogar öfter verkauft werden könnte als Gundam (300.000 St.).



150k, if true, would be pretty good for first day sales. This should allow for ~225k first week. Any opinions?

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Nice, kick me for asking a stupid question, but are these games over here?

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Not bad but far from the system saviour some were hoping.

Hus said:

Grow up and stop trolling.

"the game in many businesses is sold out already to 50 percent"

Being that this is not a native english sentence I could be wrong but I suspect this means "The game has sold up to 50% of its shipped units in many stores" which would imply that it was probably quite a bit below 50% (as a guess probably closer to 125k).

Anyways, its a good number but I'm far more interested in the hardware numbers for the Week.

Happy, you are correct.

Basically, the article is stating that the average sales in the major stores are around 50% sellthrough for HSG. Could be more, could be less. I'd estimate it's probably around ~140k or so. Shinobi will have more accurate numbers tommorow.

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I'm intereasted in how many of that 150k was sold alongside PS3s

Well HSG was sold has a bundle over there so could be around 20k of them were with consoles.

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I will wait for Y-koron to provide us the sinobi numbers ,but if this data is true we are seeing a success because it will most probably do 225K units or even more being the second best selling PS3 game (and near the first that is Gundam Mussou at 285K ) in just 4 days .

As for hardware it was in a bundle as well ,so I expect to give the PS3 a good jump .Gundam Mussou didnt push many bundles and still pushed the PS3 to 45K units the launch week .I dont expect HSG5 to do the same but maybe it can lift those to 30K .

So definitly HSG5 is not the systeme saviour all Sonyfans were waiting...

So... Next ?

How does "150k first day" translate into bad? That's almost Gundam's entire first week in 1 day, and most likely doesn't include bundles.

Basically, if your thinking this game was going to ressurect the PS3, your going to be wrong, but that's the way it's always been. However, if first day sales are true, it is showing that there are alot of sales for the game, and will definately provide a strong bump in sales. We could see 40k PS3s sell this week.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.