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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which will sell more PS3 or PSP?

I would have to say the PSP will sell more

75 million PSP LTD

69 million PS3 LTD

What do you guys think?

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This is a moronic question. The PS3 will never sell anywhere near to the PSP in in lifetime sales.

consoles very seldomly beat handhelds, but the PS3 could get some great legs with FFXIII and such...hmmm

Gilgamesh, subtract 10 million from each of those figures and I agree

ps3>>psp in sales.

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Never really thought about it. PSP should sell more, but the PS3 may actually have a shot at beating it.

If Sony has a PSP model next year that eleminates the UMD, and fixes the new screen problem. Along with adding trophies, and video and music downloads direct to PSP. Then I could see the PSP having an amazing resurgence in its later life. Of course they do need to start supporting this system a lot better, and putting all games on PSN could make things a lot better as well.

The PS3 is in the best situation out of both of them. It will continue to show this winter that people are willing to pay for quality to a sertant extent. Then next year with the slim revision, price drops, Home, firmware updates, and the best releases any console has ever had PS3 will be selling at rediculous numbers.

In the End
PS3 - 115M
PSP - 90 - 120M

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there is absolutely no basis to thinking the PS3 will outsell the PSP ever....

PSP has a 25M lead and has been regularly selling above the PS3, the exceptions being GTA MSG and euro launch weeks....


I know, I was just kidding :)

I wont answer this question.