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Looks just as good as the last video I saw for the Wii version. Now I know I dont have to wait to get an HD console to play it.

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looks great

the textures suck, but the framerate is good

This looks like a solid and polished effort from Sega. I will definitely buy it this holiday season.

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I loved the music.

Still missing the chaos :/

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As a member of the Sonic Support Squad, I approve of this game. Not sure about the Were-Sonic part though.

With that said, I'll be leaving this thread while humming the catchy music played in the video.

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I was convinced it wasn't really the Wii version until the motion control prompting towards the end... Wow, it looks a whole lot better than it used to. I can't wait to get this game!

Way to look good. Well done Sega.

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Looks good, how a wii game should look like folks.



Must buy this game.

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