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DS, Wii, and PSP on normal sales for the week but 360 with noticeable increases from the pricedrop and PS3 slightly down. Probably nothing to worry about. 360 will probably drop next week anyways as most pricedrops for the 360 have shown little lasting effects over the few weeks afterwards in EU.

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darthdevidem01 said:

DS - 223K ----- BRILLIANT

Wii - 140K ----- BRILLIANT

360 - 90K ------ BRILLIANT



PS3 has been DESTROYED this week.....EU has been taken over....will this continue or will the Empire Strike Back?

WiiDS have been unnaffected though....what will the xmas season bode for the PS3 now...will the war be lost for the brand that ruled over us for 10 years?

Ps3 got PWNED...LBP got some serious system selling to do lol.


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libellule said:
ZenfoldorVGI said:
libellule said:
Will be funny to see these numbers DROP like a body after a headshot ...

Seriously, the Xbox360 numbers are not so impressvie considering the price and even the PS3 numbers are not so low.

I stick on my PS3 comeback WW for October
(even if I push it on "late october" because I dont expected Europe price cut).

Wait and see.


So, what you're saying is that the 360's numbers really suck this week, and the Playstation 3's epic sales are just waiting in the wings for the right time to pounce?

==> where and when did I say this ???

I must have misconstrued your post.


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ps3 needs a price cut in japan NA and others soon, but i dont know can Sony afford it :P

Soma said:
Impressive numbers for 360, but PS3 wasn't destroyed, last week it sold 65k and now 64.

Good post. The 360 is on top of the ps3 now because of the price cut. When Fable 2 and LBP are released,both consoles will sell. When Gears 2 and Resistance 2 are released,both consoles will sell. When Banjo 3 and Motorstorm 2 will be released,both consoles will sell.

Now...the 360 or the ps3 will sell more? Let`s say that both will sell equal based on games,even if the 360 lineup includes Viva piniata 2 as a casual exclusive. What about the price? 180 VS 400 euro. Now,based on that,the 360 will sell more.

Fair post? I think so.


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wow, the dirt cheap xbox beats the super expensive ps3 for one week.... What a surprise. If anything MS sould be ashamed that they have to be selling their system at peanuts to outsell the most expensive PS3 for what is likely to be a single or two weeks.

Lots of people are too extreme in this thread.

PS3 sales are down the first full week of the 360 price drop, ZOMFG!!! Price cut PS3 is necessary!!!

No, calm down people. Let's wait a few weeks okay? Look at Japan? 360 is falling every week since it's price-drop high. Look at America? 360 is falling post-price drop also. If I were a predicting man, I would predict things back to normal LBP week, with PS3 beating 360 across all territories, but I'm not one, but things will be back to normal in a few weeks. Breathe, stretch, shake, and let it go.

:O This was unexpected ...


Btw, Excellent job MS, the 360 is doing pretty well lately.

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