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har har - PS3 "grilling" at its finest...

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He doesn't really answer any of the questions, all he keeps saying is that the PS3 will have a ten year life cycle, well tretton, PS2 and PS1 were number one, that's why they had 10 year life cycles, if PS3 is in third place 10 year life cycle won't happen. Heck they haven't even sold four million, and the moron is talking abot five million being sold, lol.


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wow that caster really bullied tretton with pressure.
" W H Y ? " lol

crappy old school NES games are more entertaining than next-gen games.

It's a business show, so you have to give business answers, not regurgitate the same old BS. Tretton was just totally unprepared to answer tough questions.

Yeah he was between a rock and a hard place. Anything he says negative would likely be carried by every news program, website, and magazine going and could have an impact on Sony stock. On the other hand he's lost almost all credibility and maybe it would have been better to take the high road and say "Yes we've stumbled but we're cutting cost and we're working hard to make the PS3 a success.".

Just like in Microsoft's case with the Xbox 360 problems, in the end things are going to catch up to you so it's better to just tell people the truth, tell them exactly what you're going to do to fix the problem, and then do it so that you're on your way to gaining back people's trust or not losing it in the first place if they were just honest to begin with.

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You gotta love damage control.



Wow, they kicked his ass. My stars man. That was brutal.

And I too find it odd about acting like the PS1 and PS2 had such long lifetimes just because "It was Sony's will that these great machines have such abnormally long lifespans. Sonys will, and Sonys will ALONE is what gave these consoles 7 year lifespans"

Give me a break. When you control the marketshare the way they did with the PS1&2 a longer than average lifecycle is what happens. When you dont, you dont have a console that lasts that long. If they think they can bring up the rear this gen and still last 10 years they are in for a shock. People are not going to be playing new releases on PS3 in 2016, sorry. Not going to happen, not with them in last place thats for damn sure.

Playing a PS3 in 2016 would be the equivalent of playing Tomb Raider on the original PSX now.

To put it in Perspective, 10 years ago, StarCraft, Goldeneye 007 and Final Fantasy VII haven't yet been released.

Where Analog sticks are brand new and no rumble... yet.

You gotta love how not prepared he was for this interview...


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Geez Jack! Just answer the damn questions!