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For the last few months or so I have noticed the Sony bandwagon to be in full force. We have been relentless in our belief that PS3 is a superior console and the like. My question is have we gone a little too far?

I like putting an xbot/ninny in their respected places as much as the next person, but must we be so aggressive? I blame the current shift of the market. Last gen we PS heads had absolutely nothing to fear from anything that came the PS2's way. PS2 survived the Dreamcast,Xbox, and Gamecube, making more then all 3 systems combined. When this generation began it initialy was not boding well for the survival of the PS3. It came out a whole year later then the Xbox 360, was priced at double the price points of the 360 and Wii, and introduced new technology unheard off by many. The PS3 was one huge risk to gamble on. At the start many say the PS3 as an inevitable failure this gen, and commenced saying such all across the interweb. Sony bashing was the "it" thing to do at the time and everyone was taking a piece.

PS3's shakey future...

"The PS3 has no games! lol! Silly Sony fags!"

"PS3 is not a gaming console! Gamers don't need BluRay!"

"BluRay is going to FAIL, and take the PS3 with it!"

"THe PS3 cost too much! No one is going to buy it!"

The list goes on and on with all kinds of slander aimed towards those who were early adopters of the PS3. Yet Sony fans had to take most of this in stride. We were lacking in the game department, bluray was unsure, it was quite exspensive. There were many things pointing to the downfall of Sony's gaming department. NOt to add that we remained in the back of the line, being in a distant third place. Yet Sony fans knew better then to give up hope so easily. We would not be swayed so easily.

PS3's Winning Streak

BluRay won over HD DVD, sales of the format have started to duplicate each year.

Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Metal Gear Solid 4 came out, giving life to the PS3 library.

360 was hit with an AIDs like desease only know as RROD(Red Ring of DEATH) as well as a whole assortment of failed hardware complaints.

Sony updated the PSN and XMB user enterface, giving it many of XBL's attributes, bringing it on par with the dominant service.

Sony's line up of games thickens with HUGE(lol) titles such as Little Big Planet, Resistance 2,Infamous, Killzone2, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, White Knight Chronicles, MAG, Valkyria Chronicles, Home, and Heavy Rain. Aswell as us getting a few titles that were heralded as 360 exclusives (Bioshock, Enchanted Arms, Lost Planet, Oblivion, etc). Things were definitely looking much brighter.

Sony Hype Train

Things were looking much better for the Sony side. Not only was our system coming to fruition with it's promises, it was outdoing the competition. The PS3 sales started to skyrocket past it's main enemy, the 360. Now it was time for all the doubters to see what Sony had in store for them all along. As the months past the Sony Hype Train strengthened in numbers dramatically. The fanbase turned rabid, attacking all that opposed their fearless leader. We ran through countless towns(forums) slaying men women and children alike. The Sony hype train would leave no survivors.

Vengful Sony Nerds vs. Remorseful Fans

Now that we have seemingly the upper hand of things, with an assured 2nd seat at least this console generation, we commensed in giving what all the Xbots and Nintendo Nerds deserved, a royal flaming! Yet now the generation gamers have changed(?). Now everyone across the interwebs is always harping about "Why can't we both just enjoy our consoles?" or "Why can't we all just get along?" or even "If you get them all, everyone is happy!".

.......really? You want sovereignty after all the bashing and taunting Sony fans went through initially? You want me to not flame a 360 game to holy hell even though your kind did it just a few months ago when the PS3 needed suporters? We are all of a sudden suppose to be the bigger......(gamer?) and not do the same kinds of things xbox fans, and nintendo fans did already. While it has much validity to it, me personally, I dont want to, I want to continue being petty and let everyone know what I feel about their console choice, yet I know this is wrong. I have begun to realize that we as Sony fans have become quite overwhelming, if not suffocating to the gaming community. We are all over every internet forum, website article these days. We don't need to rub it in anymore then need be.

I geuss what I am saying is, we can relax on the Sony Protection Force a bit....

but we will always be watching you........BOTS





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Too Lame, Didn't Read.

No you guys are just irritating because your still in the last place.. and will be for at least a few months.. so be humble for the next few months untill you passed the xbox360.. You can claim you have won the 2nd place but until it happens.. your still in the last place..


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You're right about one thing, the Sony fans have become suffocating force for sure. Maybe not all of them, just a crazy few that spam useless crap.

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What are you talking about? I love Sony fanboys hyping their console, it makes just that more entertaining to watch the drama when a game doesnt meet expectations, or an exclusive is lost or one of the ridiculous predictions is not met.

In conclusion, I love you Crazzyman, please come back I miss you.

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Yeah, didn't read, but I'm sure it sucked.

Any chance that you can sum up this post in a couple of lines, so that i can begin trolling you?


colonelstubbs said:
I love Sony as much as i love the next Japanese company that i have no financial stake in


yea, I know stubbs, me too lol. But maybe we(the Sony Protection Force) can step back a little and let Sony speak for itself. After going through about 7 gaming websites today I realized how overpowering the PS3/Sony news is compared to the others. PS3 news overshadows every other systems stuff, even if it is good. I think our baby is ready to walk on it's own two legs lol.


That doesn't mean we have to let others make outlandish claims about the PS3 either tho....




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we are trying to fit in.

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