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Halo Theme, I love Gregorian chant.

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One Winged Angel from FFVII......
come on.........what did you expect me to say?




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I remember when I popped this fucker in for the first time (diddy's quest), this song totally absorbed me.  I played this game for 4 hours straight, and though I admit, it may not be the best theme on the game(bramble bush is masterful), the first time I saw the title screen and heard this song, it made me flip my shit. 





Fire Emblem

Kefka, Opera and Terra song on FFVI and Midna Lament on SSBB.

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Wow, I just remembered how awesome the Mute City theme is (I was playing Brawl with some college resident friends late last night):

This is the F-Zero theme to me. Big Blue can suck my ba--- Yeah. >_>

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Super Mario Bros.

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NES Ninja Gaiden music BABY!!!

in all seriousness, probably the overworld theme for Final Fantasy 6