which do you prefer "gameplay or story" before purchasing a game?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - which do you prefer "gameplay or story" before purchasing a game?

I tend to look at the battle system a lot before making a purchase on a game. Story's tend to not gain my attention because I tend to focus on gameplay elements like collecting and leveling up.

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Depends on what game it is. Most games I prefer the gameplay but alot of games I just play for the story and nothing else as well.

Strong gameplay.

I play MGS games expecting both, which isn't common.

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wow. tough.
I'd say gameplay for the majority of times.
Not much story in racers lol!

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If I want a good story, I'd read a book or watch goodfellas. Game with a good story but so so gameplay is so so to me.

Generally gameplay. In the case of story driven games, both gameplay and story

I think that in this thread, we'll see a direct correlation between increasing age and increasing love of gameplay over story.

That said, gameplay to the max. I usually ignore stories these days unless they're actually mature (in the "targeted toward adults" sense, and not the "blood and swearing/targeted toward male teenagers" sense.)

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So how would you explain a RPG?

Depends on the game.

I couldn't care less about story in a fighting game or 2D shooter.

In an RPG it's actually kind of important to me.