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After 4 years of repetitive hype about the HD consoles and the HD marketing campain i read an article about how important is the resolution on gaming.

I don't know about you guys but when i am buying something with my money i want to get the best value i can get from my choice. If i buy a console that promises me and it certify that it can output 1080p resolution,pay a high amount of money because that technology is very difficult to make and then i found out that all this is A LIE i feel robbed.

All this game boxes that say on the back about a game running on 1080p,that it was on developing time more than 4 years so they can achieve this result and i have to pay 70 bucks or euro so i can enjoy the ultimate HD experience and then i found out that all this is a fraud i feel like a fool.

So many developers are force to work on engines that are not making the expected results,take extra developing time,more money, more work so they can produce a big fat lie so their bosses make a ton of money on the backs of the consumers i am building so much rage that i want to scream to everyone about it.

Even if the HD gaming is not a standar what's the point for all this mockery?(BUT i already know,the question is what  do you think.)

The thread is about ideology and your hard working money how they are spent and not about optical results of the HD fake or not resolutions.

Read the article and then i want your opinion on the matter.

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Were you born yesterday?

I don't really care about it, as I'm a PC gamer that's been playing over those resolutions for years.

But yeah, it's not that good that they didn't deliver what they promised... but if their fans accept it, I guess it's ok.

And I didn't read the article ^_^

It's something to latch on to. Ya know HDTV's are becoming increasingly popular so you as a company want to latch your brand onto something that is becoming mainstream.

So yes the HD era is false in the console world becuase it means absolutely nothing, but its simply a business tactic to generate more brand appeal and ultimately sales.

No man this thread it's not about reality check it's about a matter of opinions. I really want to know what you think about this.

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A companying claiming "The next generation doesn't start until we say so," or "people work harder to afford our system," is a deal breaker before we even get to any technical failings. People will take that kind of arrogance and disrespect to the face and shell out the cash, so what does fibbing about HD resolutions matter?

I've heard the PS3, XBox 360, and Wii don't even have Blast Processing.

These are the problems if you confront the typical internet frat boy demographic with numbers.

I think this sums it up pretty nicely.

they have to make a choice between going for higher detail settings or higher resolutions.

Completely true. But then ...

What they've come to understand is that, if you don't have enough horsepower to go for both, it's always preferable to jack up all detail levels to the max, rather than to go for the highest resolution possible.

And this is bullshit. You never have "enough horsepower to go with both". Unlike PC where you have less powerful and more powerful PCs, in consoles you always have a fixed amount of power. And you can spend it either on more details or on higher resolutions.
If a higher resolution looks better developers will do this if more details look better developers will do that. The sweet spot this gen is definitely at or below 720p because only a minority has 1080p displays. And it is definitely over 480p because no PS3 or 360 game goes so low. Besides 1024x600 has almost twice the pixels of a PS2 or Wii game so its hardly SD.

On problem exists. Crappy games like Haze that most likely had framerate problems are easier to finish by reducing the resolution instead of polishing the engine, so time pressed developers will go the easy way and reduce the resolution, which looks crappy Haze was totally blurred when you compared it to titles like Uncharted.

Good exclusives seem to be always at least 720p and look clearer than titles with lower resolution so I think this will be the most common resolution for future titles. And this is perfect for most HD TV owners. Only FullHD owners have to use BluRay to fire up all their pixels.

Definately the best article posted here today. Anyway, after getting used to that the games aren't in "real" HD resolutions, it doesn't feel like they'd be ripping off people (although at first it felt like it, despite not owning the consoles in question).

In the performance part, he apparently didn't know that M$ has promised steady 15FPS framerate for 360, so knowing that shouldn't make you feel ripped. It's just that the devs don't wan't to go that low with framerate.

@Kyros: Thank you for making the excact same conclusions that the author of the article did.

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

Fake:Having a false or misleading appearance; fraudulent.

This article fits under this word.