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Forums - Sony Discussion - What if Solid Snake was naked on your bed?

I'd offer him some pants.

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I would blame my girlfriend.. kick her out of the house..
Frankly.. Snake didn't knew she had a boyfriend...
It's not his fault...

and I would ask him for a sigarette..


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I'd say "heyyyy, you're not Naked Snake aka Big Boss?".

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I'd probably wait for him to leave. Maybe sleep on the sofa if it looks like he's staying.

he would turn into naked snake

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*thinks about making a crude joke about a naked solid snake in a bed*

Ah, nevermind.

Hmm, pie.

I'd guess I'd have to become a Snake Eater.

(prays not to be banned)

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hahaha, funny thread, i would do so many things that i'm not going to list them here. xD

I'd be like the rolling stones and paint it black

young snake or old snake?