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I HAi havent played in a while but the last was a fifa



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can someone explain how they like pes fifa is so much much better....

Pro Evo until....the 2008 version. Now i may jump ship

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Fifa is more flashy and realistic in terms of offering the kind of football experience you'd get at a real football stadium , has all the licsensing etc it's easier to recreate those special footballing moments with fifa.

Pro Evolution is more technical and more realistic in terms of the physics for people who don't play football alot or aren't really interested in the sport this is more for you, it's a better sim than FIFA but doesn't offer alot of the aesthetic realism.

FIFA is better for the single player campaign
but when playing online, or against a buddy, PES is better

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It used to be ISS and PES but FIFA passed it sometime ago so FIFA all the way.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on Wii is the best footy experience that is out there. The game is leaps and bounds beyond any other version of Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer in the current generation.

My vote does not go to the Pro Evolution series, rather, just one Pro Evolution game. As far as comparing the series as a whole, ISS/PES/WE have had more years of quality than Fifa has. So I am going to give them the nod but the 2008 versions on XBOX360/PS3/PC goes to Fifa. Fifa have been on the rise for a while.

That is, if you are to exclude the awesome and underappreciated Wii version of PES. Go get that version and adore it until the next one comes out. It is a game that really proves that graphics

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