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Which one is the best?? Discuss!

My vote go to FIFA !!

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Respect for compans: SONY > NINTENDO >>>>>>>>>> MICROSOFT


Pes but I didn't play the Wii version cos I couldn't find a copy.



PES... no contest

Last soccer game I played was FIfa for the genesis... so FIFA I guess..

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I think general concensus says PES, I am not really a football game player but both are good.

My brother and I call it ISS as PES is just about 7 or 8 sequals after the original International SuperStar Soccer for the SNES. He once had a arguement with someone about what awas better, the new ISS or the new PES...only later did they realise they were argueing for the same game.

Hmm, pie.

Pes used to be the best one (and it's still the best one if only have a PC as the PC version of fifa is a total rip off) but, having played the last ones on the x360 of a friend i can say that now is really a close call...and probably fifa had the edge in 2008.

2008 year end sales (made in January 2008):

44.2 M 27.1 M 20.8 M


International Superstar Soccer 1998 is still the best football game yet. By far.

I haven't bought a lot after that, as the ones I bought were horrid (and the ones I played at friends' places too).

PES has slowly become more and more Fifa. They've taken out the tactics, and made it less of an RTS, which is exactly what a football game really should be.


If I had to choose between PES and Fifa, PES wins by far. Still, it is nothing compared to ISS98.

Oh, and don't get me started on the later ISS games :(

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PES... but for how long. I think EA is really putting a good effort to make FIFA better whareas Konami seems to be going in the wrong direction (but they were so much better to start with that I still think they're better).

So PES still, because of the physics of the football.

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