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Since when did NPD do predictions?




Nintendo DS 625,445
Nintendo Wii 612,545
Sony PSP 235,447
Sony PS3 275,444
Microsoft Xbox 360 325,488

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I bet this is because of VGChartz NPD preview

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This is on the homepage now

EEDAR Predicts Mammoth Wii Win in July, Xbox 360 Sees Only Increase
Here's something a little different. This morning the NPD Group sent us the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research predictions for July sales. While the monthly data that NPD typically sends out is hard numbers, these are all predictions based on EEDAR'sanalysis of early sales . Those hard numbers won't be hitting till later this month.

So it looks like NPD included EEDAR's note for hardware based on early sales. Since it based on early sales the numbers will probably be off by a bit. Kind of funny though as Pachter could have certainly used these numbers to help in his own.