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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Your Guess on Wii Motion Plus Price

How much do you think Wii Motion Plus will cost?

I'm guessing $30 with Wii Sports: Resort, $20 without...

If its more than $30 that'll really discourage me from getting it.

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I thought I heard that Wii Sports Resort would be priced a full $50.

I'm guessing the WMP alone will be $20 each.

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Guessing the dongle will be $10-$20, and the game bundle will be $30-$40, since Wii Play was just $10 more than the Wii remote, and The Zapper bundle with Link's Crossbow Training, was just $20.

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$50 Wii Sports Resort and Wii Motion Plus
$15 Wii Motion Plus

BTW, Wii Sports Resort looks to be the top selling Wii game and maybe even the top selling game of 2009, why do you think it will only cost $30?


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^ Wii Sports Resorts at $50 (50€ here) would be a lot, 50€ would be good for WSR + Wiimote + WM+

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I posted an article before that iwata said that the Wii motion plus wil be cheap so, I would say maybe around $10-$15

$30 game, $10 WMP. Iwata stated it was going to be very cheap, since they wanted developers to feel free to use it with the knowledge that a lot of people had it.

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It's going to be $10-$20.

I'm not paying more than $15 maxium. $10 for the item, $5 for the shipping & packaging.

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$19.99 standalone, $49.99 with Wii Sports Resort.

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