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Silver_Z said:
Ohh.... look at that!! Its awesome!!! The analog stick is way better than WASD imo. And mouse look is better than the analog stick. This is the best combi I think..... And now.... I am waiting for the Wii Fanboys to come and say, "Hey!! That is a copy of the Wii Nunchuk!" Hahahahahaaaa.............


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ckmlb said:

Pretty cool stuff:

Groan - yet another case of a space at the end of a link (breaking the link).

ioi - is it possible for you to code around this? 


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Here's the right link.

And it's old, as this was announced months ago.

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not really relevant, but whoever wrote the review doesn't own a Wii, as they refered to the nunchucks "B and C buttons" .. but yes.. the attachment looks quite a fair bit like the nunchuck..

I've always thought mouse over gamepad anyday, so with that in mind, it's a good idea, but i still prefer the closeness of the computer monitor when using a mouse

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I have to agree, if they are going to start making keyboard and mouse for the PS3 you might as well get a PC.

Seeing as the Sixaxis is 50 dollars and this thing is only 60 and it allows also to browse the internet I think it is a good thing .Plus ,it looks good and has been very favourably reviewed in IGN .

I like this controller, but how am I going to use this in the living room?
It's not practical, i'd like to see a guncon 3 with nunchuck.