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BrayanA said:

Relax! It will sink, just as UT3 for 360. Even good games after 1 year can't sell as much as developers want. Why to buy 1 year old game, when you can get something fresh.



Specially with all the games coming out this Fall!

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One year old ports (for any system) should look better, have more features, and be cheaper. At least they got 2 of 3 right

no i wont get it, as much as id like to ..but ff 13 and vs 13 are gonna be my final gaming exp cuz by 2010 id be in med school (god willing) and dont take this personaly gamers but we all hafe to grow up sometime

good news

Why to buy 1 year old game, when you can get something fresh.

??? Do games somehow have a date of expiry? Its one of the best games around. It has been one of the best games 2007 and its one of the best games 2008. Its definitely better than 95% of all games due christmas 2008. Its better than Resistance2 its better than Gears2 its better than (didn't find a Nintendo game that is even comparable)

It won't have the same sales as on 360 that is correct. But it still will be one of the best games in the PS3 library.

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horriblebastard said:
Also, no games look "identical" on the PS360!

True. 9 times out of 10 they look better on the 360.


 care to provide some proof?

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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I will wait till I have seen the screen shots for both before because I have read before where one website will say one version of the game looks better while a nother will say something els. This is the first one I have read where they have stated a deffinate diff between the 2. I loved the game and have it for the 360 I will probably rent the ps3 version so I can play the extra stuff:).

i read in EGM in a big write up that the devs claim it will be exactly the same as far as call this simply the guy looking for something more and then convincing himself it is there


And im sure the developers came out and said they werent going to make the PS3 version any different/better than the 360 version....either they lied, or they accidentally made it better. Who knows

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
         "Suck my balls!" - Tag courtesy of Fkusmot

I own it on the 360 and I am still picking it up.

Oblivion is a good example. It was a year old when it got ported. I bought Oblivion on the 360 first, got a fair way through it than bought a PS3 and ended up playing my mates Oblivion on his PS3. Fucking no comparison! The PS3 version was like butter, has half the load times and boy does it look a lot better, 2 totally different games. So, I picked up the PS3 ver and sold the 360 one as I just couldn't stomach it anymore. I suspect it will be a similar comparisson with BS.

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