On What system will you play Final Fantasy 13?

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360, I will NEVER buy a PS3 between now and when it comes out.

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with all the hype over it, ill probably check it out, if i do it will be on whichever system gets it first in the UK


Onimusha12 said:
Neither console.

Final Fantasy for me is an artistically dead franchise and no amount of flashy graphics or psuedo FF7-throw-back Steam Punk ambience or androgynous character designs clad in attire worthy of Hot topic will salvage it for anyone.

I mean, how is anything shown in these trailers even remotely Final Fantasy in the slightest arbitrary sense? Has the series become such an abstract departure that it's only Final Fantasy in name sake alone?

Versus, Agito, etc, It's like some sort of special edition Anime. Has Square so little faith in their flagship franchise that they can't just bank on it being a one instalment deal, why all the spin-offs? Sure, Spin-offs have become a main stay of recent FF games, but its really not an encouraging trend for the series especially when you look at how little they bring to the main game itself.


I agree with you here but you know what (shhh on the low) the same thing has happened to Zelda.


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Acevil said:
Bokal said:
Everyone with a PS3 will play it on PS3.



Actually Wrong, I own all three, and I am buying it for the 360.


And why is that?

@ Onimusha: FF XIII 360 will sell better in America, no doubt about that. In EU the PS3 version will sell better, but the difference won't be as big as America. But together with Japan, the PS3 version will sell more.

10 Discs Vs 1. I'll take PS3.

Playstation 3

I will get both FFXIII and FFXIII Versus ,in their original versions and without havign to swap discs ,in a unscratchable disc.I am not buying a 360 just to enjoy a very last minute port in multiple discs and probably toned down(Square says it wont but they dont even have the developers tools what do they know if they will have problems??)

i'll get it for PS3, but i dont think i'll have time play it.

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