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Forums - PC Discussion - 56k will become obsolete....

My inlaws can't get over the wire BB, but they can have a 3G datacard so some form of broadband is there.

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I live in one of those deadzones. And 5km wouldn't begin to touch the situation here I wouldn't think as where I live is at the least 45 miles from an interstate highway in any direction. They do say that they are trying to bring fiberoptics in here and have started on it in another county that falls under the jurisdiction of the same phone company however I don't know how long it will take for them to bring it where I am. As it is 512k costs $30.00 where I live and 56k still costs $20.00 a month here, and even with 512k it takes forever to download things like games and demos for the 360 or PS3. You can download about 180 meg an hour with a 512 dsl.

The last survey I saw said that the US had a cable/dsl availability of about 80%, but I'm still more inclinded to believe that it's more along 66% still, since providers aren't rushing to bring out any good and affordable broadband connections out to rural areas.

Wireless deals can charge you bigtime by the bandwidth, so they're not much good.

Satellite internet can't play games online (horrible latency), cannot perform direct connections, and can only download so much before being throttled to dial-up speeds also.

We pay $70 a month for satellite to avoid 28.8 dial-up (our phone lines can't even do near 56k with a great modem, a cheap modem gets around 19.2 connection or less). I love my home, but god the internet sucks. I'll be suprised if we get a good broadband by 2020, and I'm VERY serious when I say that. Living on the county line in a rural area doesn't help I'll admit.

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Regarding wireless, it's going to get cheaper quicker than wired broadband is. When the USA adopts LTE, wireless broadband could become quite widespread. Hundreds of megabits per cell is significantly more than the current protocols available in USA can offer.


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56k?? damn haven't seen that here in Sweden since 1998

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i don't know anyone who still have 56k, here i have 3M (the commun Speed here), soon we will have 6M for the same price