Was Killzone for the PS2 a good game or bad?

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I'm thinking about buying it, IGN gave the game a simple 7.

But they gave a closing comment saying the game is worth playing but it has noticable faults. Is it still worth playing or should I wait till Killzone 2 releases and then hear a review?

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It was mediocre with tons of technical issues. And I dont think that its aged well.

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Ehh if you played any new shooters there's no point in going back.

Just watch the youtube killzone vids to catch up on the story.

I figured it wasn't worth it...

And my bro Hus is back!!!!!

anywhoo...I guess I will wait for Killzone 2 then. IGN said that the multiplayer aspect of Killzone for the PS2 was okay, but it was plagued by the same problems that was found in single player.

I actually really enjoyed the game, though I did never manage to quite finish it, because I kept on getting killed by grenade launching foes!!!!

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Im sure you can find it REALLY cheap...it might be worth a purchase

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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never hear anything good about the one for the ps2. is the psp one okay?

Well I found it at Gamestop/EBGames for a measly $12. So I'm trying to figure out whether its worth purchase to be in my library or not.

I said IGN gave it a 7. And they said its worth playing but it does have notable faults.

@ecurbj: If I were you, I'd prefer to not stain your perception of the Killzone name / characters with that mediocre game, and just wait for the one which might still turn out to be a good game (KZ2). If you want to buy a PS2 game, I'm sure there are tons of better ones that you haven't played yet.


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Thanks NJ5, that's all I needed there was for someone to make it known and confirm to me that the game is not worth my time or money or to own in my possession at all.