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CAL4M1TY said:
I still own a playstation 2, so it's not a big issue for me.

Backward compatibility for PS1 games is though, because for some reason my PS2 can't play PS1 discs (even ones with no scratches what so ever).
I would send it to sony, but it's out of warranty and I don't plan to pay to play 1 game (FF8) and I don't trust the seedy guys at the local "mod/upgrade" shop to repair my console.

So now I'm sitting here with FF7 in one hand (that works, and that I don't want to play) and FF8 in the other (I do want to play but it's not supported by the 40gb PS3 according to the Sony website).

I'm going to say yes though, because it means I can't sell my PS2.


Sounds like pre-mature DRE to me. That's usually what happens. It happened to me. Anyway, it's an easy fix. Just have to be a little careful, but it's a breeze. You just open up your PS2 and use like a swab or something to clean the lense...get compressed air while you're at it to clean out the years of built up dust. It will work like a charm then.

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I have a 60gb launch unit and i have played and bought many PS2 games to play on it. Because my PS3 has BC it allowed me to give my fat PS2 away to a person that did not have one. But if i had a choice to pay extra for BC or to buy the 40gb model now i would buy the 40gb model, and keep the old PS2. BC is nice to have around but it in no way would affect my choice to buy the system.

So No BC does not matter to me.

izaaz101 said:
Last gen I never had a PS2, so I missed a whole bunch of games, that I would like to play some day. I could just buy a PS2, but then I'd have to buy multiple memory cards, controllers, etc (since only 2 of my friends have a PS2). When/if I buy a PS3, I wouldn't need to buy extra controllers, since 4 of them have a PS3, and the PS3 has a virtual PS2 memory card, right?

So, yes, BC is very important to me.


I don't know if the 40gig (soon to be 80gig) supports it, but yes, you can transfer your saves onto the PS3. However, you'll need a roughly $15 adapter (memory card to USB) to be able to do it. When the PS3 first came out it was pretty much a use once and you're done adapter, which I thought was worthless. However, a few months later, they fixed it so you could transfer saves back to your memory card making it a viable way to store data between multiple cards and backing up your saves. You can also buy controller to USB adapters for your PS2 controllers. Obviously you wont be able to use any sixaxis controls and rumble probably wouldn't work unless certain adapters allow it (mine doesn't).


Anyway, back to the topic.

-I believe backwards compatibility is important because I still go back and play PS2 games from time to time. I still have my PS2 as well as component cables, but it's just easier to have do it with just one system, the PS3.

I would most likely get a ps3 if it had b/c and if it still had exclusives that were worth it.

On the other hand I realy want a 360 but I cant bring myself to buy one because of the high defect rate.


Team ICO speaks for my purchase of a PS3.

And I would love to be able to play their PS2 games on my PS3, especially since I haven't cracked open ICO yet.

Yes, B/C matters to me.

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Not important to me. I own the 60 gig w/ full BC, but it was not a selling feature. I still have my launch PS2 that works fine. I had to realign the laser a couple of years ago, but it is still going strong. If Sony needs to pull this feature to stay price competitive with the 360 then so be it.

Thanks for the input, Jeff.



I have a b/c PS3 but I've only used it a couple of times... So I'd say no.

Nope, I still have my ps2. Its not been on for 2+ years.

Had you asked me this before I purchased a PS3, it would of been a very strong 'Yes' (Bought mine [60GB] December '06 by the by).

But to be honest, I've literally only played two PS2 games since I got it, those being MGS 2 and 3.
It's one of those features I thought I'd take advantage of a lot (Especially with the upscaler), but never really did. Same situation happened with BC on PS2 now that I think of it.

So, short answer, no, it doesn't really matter to me.

I gave my PS2 to my brother when I got a EU 60GB. I still play a lot of PS1 and PS2 games, so yes. Although i think I could survive without it.


EDIT: Infact that want os PS2 bc will nigh on disappear once Twisted Metal PS3 comes out.

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