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I have a 40GB (upgraded to 120 GB HDD) and I don't mind not having BC. Then again I do own a PS2 so it really doesn't matter. I don't like the way the PS3 handles up converting PS2 games, I think the PS2 does a better job in terms of what games look like on the screen.

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Doesn't matter to me , with the cost of the PS2 can't understand why it would matter to anyone else unless they have a room the size of a prison cell .


Well... Tough call but I'd say Yes it matters.

Last gen I never had a PS2, so I missed a whole bunch of games, that I would like to play some day. I could just buy a PS2, but then I'd have to buy multiple memory cards, controllers, etc (since only 2 of my friends have a PS2). When/if I buy a PS3, I wouldn't need to buy extra controllers, since 4 of them have a PS3, and the PS3 has a virtual PS2 memory card, right?

So, yes, BC is very important to me.

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i have old fat ps2 if it does not die on me then i don't care about BC, put me on NO for now

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No, I still got my old PS2.

I still own a playstation 2, so it's not a big issue for me.

Backward compatibility for PS1 games is though, because for some reason my PS2 can't play PS1 discs (even ones with no scratches what so ever).
I would send it to sony, but it's out of warranty and I don't plan to pay to play 1 game (FF8) and I don't trust the seedy guys at the local "mod/upgrade" shop to repair my console.

So now I'm sitting here with FF7 in one hand (that works, and that I don't want to play) and FF8 in the other (I do want to play but it's not supported by the 40gb PS3 according to the Sony website).

I'm going to say yes though, because it means I can't sell my PS2.

No, PS2 is region locked on PS3. Even though I have full hardware BC model I had to buy a PS2 to play other region games.


I have quite some PS2 games but don't have a PS2 (always traded my GC with a friend for a few months).
BC is actually a must for me, as the 360 and PS3 line-up are equel to me (certainly after the FF13 announcement) as the main games I want to play are RE5 and Beyond Good & Evil 2 and RPG's.