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I stopped being a big Nintendo fan about halfway during the N64 era, the system was lacking the games i wanted and Playstation had all the bigger and better games that i wanted. Then during the GC era my respect for Nintendo went really low, they were getting smashed and not doing a single thing, they had a poor library of games that i wanted and the purple system was very ugly.

When the wii came out i lost all respect that i had for Nintendo, the Nintendo that i grew up loving was dead and they were never coming back. The wii-mote and motion controls were the biggest mistake i could have ever imagined. And the problem became even worse when i used the wii-mote for the first time, it was just very bad and the character never did want i wanted and the lack of a controllable camera with a second analog stick destroyed just about every game where the camera was important.

There is also not a single wii game that i want to play, and i don't see that changing for this entire generation.

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I don't think fanboys really care about the hard times. You're always fanboy no matter what. If you get going when the going gets tough...then you're not a fanboy.

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i think the only time i questioned nintendo was when they sold "rare" to microsoft. every ps1 fan i knew wanted to play goldeneye when it came out, and i relished rubbing their snotty faces in it. there was a point where id look forward to the next rare game over the next nintendo game. i still wish we hadn't lost rare. if nintendo was at the helm, we'd be getting a banjo game without the lego cars and a conkers bad fur day sequel and maybe another starfox adventures!!! if only i had a time machine...

Bad times? Never. Nintendo was never going to go out of business; never going to stop making Mario platformers and never going to stop being awesome.

honestly never ....always owned a nintendo system enjoyed every bit of it . N64 had GoldenEye 007, Smash, Star Fox, NFL Blitz , Zelda, and many more which I played, all my friends owned different console so I was set. Just visit or borrow their system. Same with gamecube I never really missed out on any games that i wanted to play ...only time we didn't touch the gamecube was when we played 16player halo lan party :)

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Right now.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

ministaff said:
right now. I get made fun of from my less knowledgable friends about loving a "kiddish" console. you should hear the taunts. "go play all of your g-rated sunshine and rainbow games while i play a mans game on a mans console. (referring to the 360)"


LOL... This generation introduced us to a new species - The Gamer Bullying!

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Tales of Symphonia, Paper Mario: TTYD, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Mario vs. Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap released within three weeks. Extreme tough choice on what to play.

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