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i really should add more games to this list like grand turismo 5, jak and daxter, tekken 6,killzone 2 and others


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Twisted Metal PS3?
Red Dead Revolver 2 ?
Killzone 2?
Uncharted 2?

well GRAN TURISMO 5 is a must...
will be the best game ever made

final fantasy XIII will be the top selling exclusive for ps3

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Good list. I think Resistance 2 will sell more than GoW 3 though.

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Heavy Rain
White Knight Chronicles
Motor Storm 2
DC Universe

Snake612 said:
@SpartanX, you ever played the first Killzone? I don't remember it that much.

no ,,,but sony has invested so much in this game even if it bombs in review department sony will make sure to market this game aggresively to get high sales.(on basis of graphics alone)


one more thing you forgot GT5


but other than that I think your list is right on.





I have to disagree with LBP, it's a game that lends itself to younger players, something the PS3 lacks. If given the choice between Socom and MGS4 and LBP, 99.9% of PS3 owners are NOT going to choose LBP. It's a kid's /casuals game on a system that is not designed to lure in that crowd. I expect seriously low numbers for this game.

1. Gran turismo 5

2. Final fantsay 13

3.Final fantasy vs 13

4.God of war 3

5.Resistance 2

6.Little big planet

7.Motorstorm 2

8.Killzone 2