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Don't have a digg account or else I would. VGC is getting more and more accurate.

Nintendo still doomed?
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Get Digg accounts you guys! Not just for VGChartz but because its a pretty great website (granted the tech news has been getting less and less as the years go on).

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I don't care how identical they are. The VGC numbers are the truth and the NPD numbers are heretical bullshit!

I don't see how VGChartz can really get any more accurate...

kingofwale said:
except for overtracking 360 and undertracking PS3. ;)

jokes aside, Prop to ioi this month, I give credits when credits are due. He's spot on with Wii and DS's numbers.

yeah and last month it was the opposite.... so it all evens out in the end.

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That is very impressive indeed!
Except a 30k difference on Wii and PS3 hw it looks very good, but the margin of error will always be there.

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Except for the undertracking of the PS3 it was quite good this month.

But remember that last month the PS3 and X360 number had a 50% of difference.

leo-j said:
I cant wait till monday, it will shock many.

It's the ghost of leo-j!!! 

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Everyone will be shocked that the PS3 will sell so much due to MGS4!!!! And then everyone will see that it's still not as much as the Wii sold during just another week :D.

Huh. Who would've thought that beggining anew in my real life would coincide with starting anew on vgchartz?

Any day now, the dollar will be worth less than 2 zloty......any day now.....and my life savings will be in total jepordy ;(.