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Zucas said:
dolemit3 said:
Conclusion: if you're looking for a system with the best and most diverse game library you will own the 360.

TAke the word diverse out of that and I might agree.

 The library as presently constituted is not all that diverse, but its lineup of games for this year certainly is.  Out of all the hyped games to be released this year Gears 2 is the only shooter I can think of off the top of my head. 

It may not have that much diversity yet, but it is getting it. 

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Wait a sec, JaggedSac, if you want your 360 games to look better than their PC counterparts, don't you need an HDTV?

Would a PC at a comparable price to the 360 have better visuals if the 360 was played on an SDTV?

I actually have an HDTV, so buying a 360 would be a cheaper visual upgrade for me, but I don't really care about visual upgrades. I'm just curious now that you brought price into the picture, and I'm not sure which would be cheaper.

Slimebeast said:
Is Left4Dead going to come ou on X360 or PS3?

its going to be released for xbox 360 and PC

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JaggedSac said:
"Wii: 3982-3539-5418-1048 Brawl: 2664-1863-6511 Kart: 1633-5238-8894 Dr. Mario: 1661-1773-3090" - WTF?? LOL!!

"If you only count EXCLUSIVES 95 and up, Wii has 1 and 360 has none." - WTF?? LOL!!

"360 has nothing like Galaxy, Wii Sports, and Wii Fit." - Galaxy is good, Sports is fecal matter on a stick, and WiiFit is similar to a treadmill.

"You've got the most revolutionary platformer GAMEPLAY-WISE of all time, the most revolutionary motion-controlled sports collection of all time, the most revolutionary balance-measuring game controller and exercise program of all time." - Arcades have had these controls for a while now. Perhaps you should categorize that it is revolutionary to console games.

"the most revolutionary balance-measuring game controller and exercise program of all time" - WTF?? LOL!! LOL!! LOL!!

You are my new hero. Ok seriously, can I have one of the sticks to put the sports fecal matter on? thanks!

And on a more positive note. Try not to let the wii-atics ban you. 

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