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That's it. It's all up now. Please let me know what you think.

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I was going to buy that game last week on the 360 too.

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Don't buy it. I'm serious. That game is the biggest pile of zebra shit coming out of a rhino's asshole. Like, that game is the biggest insult to humanity. It's the biggest, outcry the world has ever seen. It super sucks fuck so super fucking much it would make a black hole explode. Just play Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Adventure 2 instead, if you want good, solid 3D Sonic games. They're far better than this lump of dung. Man, you will never know how bad it really is. It's just, so bad, and it really pisses me off. Wait until the review is actually finished. It will be much better than it is right now.

Once it's finished, I'm going to review Kirby 64, maybe. I have a lot to talk about that game. It's not bad, but there's some parts that make no sense.

That Sonic game was terrible. You would die through no fault of your own, pathetic controls, crap camera, annoying music, garbage character designs and shit level designs. I played it for 5 hours in total only completed 20% returned it and got Gears of War or Rainbow Six Vegas instead. It was December 2006 when Sonic the Hedgehog launched on X360/PS3.

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Nothing can compare to slapping Sonic 2 on top of Sonic and Knuckles and rampaging around as that pink monster thing....glorious

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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Great review!!!!


Some of my thoughts on that review:

- You're not shouting, which is always a plus. I've seen far to many game reviewers screaming and shrieking their lungs out constantly for no apparent reason - and that gets really old really fast. And it hurts your ears.

- Like you said, you're overdoing the fecal references. If you want to underline the games problems with humorous hyperbole, you can do that without cursing or using words that describe human waste. Constant overuse of words like shit just makes you sound like an AVGN ripoff.

- The "When did we go from this... to this?" point was somewhat too long IMO, a shorter demonstration would have sufficed.

- I haven't played the game, so I can't sometimes tell whether the reviewer is just playing badly on purpose, or that the games controls really suck. That's why the controller-in-picture thing is a good idea IMO.

- The "Now loading" - segment was great. :P

- Don't bash anything without a reason. I know it's a chore to play and showcase all the games flaws, but even rants must back their points up with something. You did do a good job at this, but I'm mentioning it anyway.

- The ending came out of nowhere. Some sort of "in conclusion" - segment would be nice.

Overall, I'd give it a 7- / 10. At the moment, it's alright IMO, but can certainly use some improvement.

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The pace is too slow at certain points. For example when you say how did this turn into this. You could have used less then half the footage and it would have been just as effective. But yeah its mainly pacing. Too slow. If can't justify a certain piece of footage or you can achieve a similar result with less, don't use it.

Ok, this is comming from me.
1st. I hope you got it for free.
2nd. I hope you were paid to play it.
3rd. That is some of the best game footage I have seen from a game in... about 6 years... Yes, that was amazing. I actually want to buy that game now, because That has to be the worst game made in around 4 years.

4th. this is why I dont buy anything with SEGA written on it.

More please!

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