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Forums - Gaming Discussion - This Has Been Long Overdue...


Long time no see!

I just had to drop by, because I remember there was some poster here who has had some crow coming to him for some time now but simply refused to help himself to a nice, juicy serving.

I wanted to make sure he received this serving of crow I've been saving up for him.

Who is this member?

Why, its our perennial favorite, johnlucas!

But... why crow? I guess that stems from here:

By the way, johnlucas, you can buy the game here:

...and here:

...not to mention here as well:


Of course, I'm sure you've already heard of, if not seen (or - heh heh - own) the gun-metal limited edition MGS4 PS3?

Oh, here are the reviews, in case you missed them:


So, johnlucas, you going to eat some crow this time?

, and

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And you are basing this on an "official playstation magazine" review. Why don't you wait until more reviews come out before you start stabbing johnlucas.



He's been called out of this many times, often by me, but I had a big smile reading this post.

Awesome graphic at the end =)

Oh, doesn't vgchartz sell games now? I bet johnlucas got his copy from them =)

cue the music from MGS2...

Long time no see.

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Ha ha, nice comeback.

Haven't seen JL in a while either though.

I remember that. We still do love his predictions, though he has barely been around recently

He was in earlier this week.


some one is full of themselves this morning


Jeez, talk about shooting fish in a barrel.