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Ok, I get that a lot of people are upset about GTA4 getting a better overall review score then OoT, but to then try and combat that by releasing a new review of OoT and giving it a 10?

Thanks for reviewing a 10 year old game... your a little late :p 

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They do retro reviews.

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meh how stupid. you no say that them are just hatters who dont want the crown to go to a violent hardcore game lol. well OoT is going to have to get a few more reviews with a 100% rating to beat th ps3 version of GTA IV

@TheRealMafoo, By using "We" in your title you make it sound like you're accusing the VG Chartz community. Please don't.

see this thread for why "we" don't think that


@obieslut, OoT is both violent and hardcore. That's not the reason.

I use "we" to mean the gaming community in general... and yes, VGChartz has some rabid OoT fans as well. I created a thread where I said, by todays standards, GTA4 (along with many other games) is better then OoT. I got flamed for 3 pages.

I would link it, but I don't want another three pages of flaming :p

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VGChartz does have some rabid OoT fans by the way. The last couple of days have made that pretty clear.

Honestly, this game is overrated even by Zelda standards. I had a lot more fun with Majora's Mask. I bought the game on day one, and I definitely enjoyed OoT, but it doesn't deserve its position as the #1 ranked game of all time, IMO. Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64 both deserve that spot more than OoT.

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I don't think that was because of GTA IV since it was published 12/04. GTA IV hadn't even gotten it's first review scores back then, right? Or maybe it had gotten those first two tens, I don't remember.

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The whole argument is that OoT was called "the perfect game" and has aged very well. Ppl simply don't want a game that isn't perfect to supplant a perfect game. If a game is worthy then it should be placed at #1, but if it does have issues, then can it be called #1?

The thread I posted was pre-GTA4 release. I'm not saying there aren't rabid OoT fanboys. Given a clear head there was a general consensus that most people didn't think OoT is the best game ever, and for that matter not even the best Zelda ever.

@TheRealMafoo, Of course if you create a thread that is full of flamebait such as GTA4 vs. OoT you're going to draw out the rabid fanboys. I'm not suprised there were 3 pages of flaming. It would happen to anyone..

Either its truly a weird timed retro-review or it is indeed a pathetic attempt to get it above GTA4 ...

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