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Wii- 220k

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Wii: 220k
PS3: 150k
360: 150k

Wii: 275k
PS3: 175k
360: 150k

Wii: 275k
360: 125k
PS3: 110k

I would guess 150K for Wii since supply is still low.

Then PS3 will probably get a larger bump than the 360, so I would guess 100K for the 360 and 140K for PS3.

So in summary:

Wii: 150K
PS3: 140K
360: 100K

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Wii: 245k
PS3: 165k
360: 195k

I happened to read a story about how gamestop has reported that a surge of PS3 systems were sold this week to PS2 owners for GTA4, so I think we'll see the PS3 double in sales from last week at the bare minimum. As far as 360's, they said they were up from last week, but no where near the sales of the PS3.... I think I'll have to revise my 360 numbers down to 135k.


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Wii - 220k
PS3 - 200k
360 - 130k

I don't think any of the HD systems we'll see double the sales for the week...C'mon that's so insane! It's not like we're on any holyday either. The Wii is a different story, though. If there was ample supply this week (and I would assume there will be, since last week was rather low) it can easily double sales.

Throwing some numbers off the top of my head:

PS3- around 100K to 130K
360- around 85K to 110K
Wii - around 100K to 250K (it all depends, lol)

LOL i cant belive how manny people thoguht the 360 would sell more HW!!!!!

LOL 1 person said 280k 360 sold!!!!!!!!! how wrong wer you guys! :S

mgs4 will sell 2.4m week 1


others: 1m


AAA (90%+) games (metacritic):


Xbox: 42

playstation: 98