Forums - Microsoft Discussion - So I went to Gamestop to get my 360 version of GTA IV ...

And there's a line of folks. Dang, it's like 6 p.m. and at least 15 folks in line, and it's growing. All the calls today? GTA IV. And 13 of the folks were there for GTA IV as well.

I talk to the manager, tell him about the revival of my gaming blog in a So. Texas town soon and how I got GTA swag but no GTA No luv from R*, I suppose.

I finally get home and see a package. Probably some iPod parts I ordered. Wait ... it's from R*. The day of release - and it was overnighted.

It was smaller than the special edition stuff, but I did score both versions of the game. So, I have NO CHOICE but to play both versions of the game, courtesy of R*.

Dig the swag! I opened the Gamestop one and plan on taking it back with my receipt Wednesday.

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I still haven't decided which version I'm getting. Tell me which you prefer after playing them.

Good for you madskillz have fun with GTA IV on both consoles.

Man that is living the dream. Games sent to you for free with a bunch of swag.

Wait, so how did you end up with that?

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I'm feelin that burger sticker.

Send me one copy...

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Aj_habfan said:
Wait, so how did you end up with that?

He reviews games for a newspaper... and a gaming blog thing.  Mostly it was prolly the newspaper gig.

somehow It's hard for me to feel sorry about you 'having no choice but to play both edition' of the game.

But I must ask... do you ever let your xbox fanboy influence your review on your blog or your paper?

Because i've read reviews on my local paper and I can tell the guy is the biggest xbox fanboy I've ever seen. Comments such as "PS3 has to be the biggest failure in gaming history" or... "Mass Effect is the best RPG game ever made"

Makes me sick

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Damn and you come on here to brag on here that you have both copies of the game.