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Forums - Movies & TV - Better “bad” videogame movie: Super Mario Bros. (1993) or Street Fighter (1994)?


Which videogame movie from the early 90’s was “better” (less shitty?)?

Super Mario Bros. (1993) 7 23.33%
Street Fighter (1994) 23 76.67%

Which of these two notoriously bad videogame movies from the early 90s was “better”, or I guess the right choice of words is “less shit”?

Both movies were awful, but I gotta (begrudgingly) give SF the nod. It at least had some halfway decent fights and some memeable moments like this one:

and JCVD hamming it up as Guile, desperately trying to sound American was something to “behold” (Tommy Wiseau/“it was free pizza!” vibes abound ), not to mention Raul Julia (R.I.P.) gave it his all as Bison to please his kids, who loved the games. The Mario Bros. movie OTOH was absolutely awful from top to bottom, not a single positive thing I can really say about it (and no, not just because it wasn’t like the games), not even “so bad it’s good”, it was just pure, unmitigated trash. There’s a reason the stars had to drink their asses off on set just to get through the day filming that garbage (seriously, they did).

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I really like them both. Ill give the edge to Street Fighter though.

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Watched and liked both.

Mario is a bit more nostalgic for me - must have watched it a dozen times lol

Too long since I've seen either (and only seen them once, I think) to really say.
But my vague idea is that Mario had more so-bad-it's-good cult potential.

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Street Fighter, easily. I've heard it described as "the worst film I've ever seen", but Raul Julia's performance still shone in that one.

And it has the best one liner of any video game film to date:

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The Mario movie gave us Mario and Luigi's family name though, so 10/10 /s

On a more serious note, the adaptation of Mario into live action was ill-adapted for the medium used but it made for an extremely interesting interpretation of it's world back when the source material wasn't as plenty yet.
Also bonus point for using Daisy instead of Peach.

It's unironically a movie that is more interesting on re-watch than the latest Mario animated movie.

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Street Fighter! Not a good movie by any means but entertaining enough to bearable.

I think the more interesting question would be which is better between SF and the first MK movie? I would vote for MK in that case!

Spike0503 said:

I think the more interesting question would be which is better between SF and the first MK movie? I would vote for MK in that case!

I'm pretty sure everyone would, making it not interesting at all. Rather, how about Street Fighter vs Tekken?

You know, one of the most incredible things I've ever seen is the novelization of Super Mario Bros. Not only they made that into a book, but it was translated and published all the way in Finland, hardcover! I kind of regret I didn't buy it when I saw one.

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"For me it was Tuesday"


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My favourite would be "quick change the channel!"