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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The First Descendant (Free) Looter shooter on PS/Xbox/PC. Thoughts?


I am playing The first Descendant and...

It's good 0 0%
It's bad 1 50.00%
It's average 0 0%
Other in comments 1 50.00%

With Borderlands 3 out this month on PS+, I'm left conflicted on which to game to invest time and hard drive space in as The first Descendant released also, as of Yesterday. I was wondering what people here think of it? 

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I went for it. The game is actually decent when you can log in, lots of errors and now maintenance but the core gameplay feels good and tight. Satisfying to kill enemies which is the biggest factor in these types of games. Can't see how it's Pay to Win cause ot's PvE. The characters are attractive and the demon guy looks cool as a no skin. Kind of impressed, hoping they'll allow me to play more if they can get their servers fixed. It's got a 4.5 star rating on PSN which is more than every free to play game outside of Fortnite. Very cool.

This thing isn't bad people. Network errors being an issue but the game is solid, Warframe has competition.