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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Halfway through 2024

What have been your gaming highlights of the year? Anything from the year you consider to be Game of the Year worthy? 

If I'm being honest, I haven't gotten a chance to play many of the games from this year (So far I guess my GOTY, I just started, which is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door). 

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The first half of 2024 was rather dull for me games-wise; not many games that interested me. Thankfully, the second half is looking like a massive improvement; I'm really looking forward to the likes of Zelda Echoes of Wisdom, The Plucky Squire, Bo: Path of Teal Lotus, Turbo Overkill on consoles, and Nikoderiko.

Stellar Blade is probably my game of the year thus far; a fun and stylish action romp with satisfying combat, nice visuals, and an endearing AA charm.

The only games released this year that I've played are FFVII Rebirth and Persona 3 Reload (Rebirth is my GOTY so far). I also bought Stellar Blade and Dragon's Dogma 2 but haven't played either of them yet. I've mostly been going back and playing older games that have been sitting in my backlog for awhile.

AstroBot, Zelda, Shadow Generation, M&L summarizes the second-half of the year. Pretty solid lineup imo. This is significantly better than the first-half of the year…which was absolutely nothing (for me) besides from TTYD.

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I haven’t played a huge amount of games this year, but so far my GOTY is Unicorn Overlord. What a deep and satisfying turn based strategy RPG and a great introduction to Vanillaware for me.

Honorable mentions would be Helldivers 2, Mullet MadJack, Selaco, Paper Mario: TTYD, and Star Wars Dark Forces remaster (Nightdive did a damn good bloody good damn good job on this remaster!)

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Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown and Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree has been the highlights for me so far. Also enjoyed Paper Mario TTYD, but thats just a remake of a game Ive beaten before, so its not as exciting.

Really gone through the games this year, but there’s 2 that really hit. Baldur’s Gate 3 (finally played it this year) and Rise of the Rōnin.

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Haven't played anything from 2024.

But fav game completed this year is Ghost of Tsushima.

GotY for me so far is LM2 HD. Loving it. Though there is a lot of competition later this year.


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So far Unicorn Overlord is my top pick for GOTY, but I still have a LOT of games to play before I can provide an authoritative opinion. Another contender: Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island.

And a few others that fall just short of GOTY consideration: Lil’ Guardsman, Contra: Operation Galuga, and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Rumble.