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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Microsoft have ruined the Xbox with awful business decisions.

Just to be clear, I separate Xbox and Microsoft.  You'd have to be crazy to be actually mad at an electronic box; and besides, there has been some brilliant games on Xbox over the years.

But I think Microsoft are just awful at running anything and although Xbox was able to be great when the Microsoft exec's let the Xbox managers run the console division.  Now upper Microsoft management are more involved in Xbox and want to tie it closer to the main Microsoft business, I think it has ruined Xbox.

Sony want to make money by selling art, Nintendo want to make money by selling fun, Microsoft want to make money.

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I always assumed that Microsoft just wanted to keep everything in the Windows ecosystem. I don't think they have an agenda or plan beyond that.

It's why Windows phone failed too. Also why Windows itself is looking... well... 35 years old.

I would be more willing to substantively engage with this argument if it wasn’t in YouTube video format.

In the interest of not wanting to engage in personal attacks I will attempt to keep this as reasonable as possible while still telling the truth of how I feel: I believe using this forum to promote a personal YouTube channel, especially one that seems to be geared toward intentionally provocative content, is distasteful and unnecessary.

Well they are the Disney of the gaming industry. They buy up companies and destroy their IPs. Im done with them for now.

Just going by your little quip under your signature, we know where your biases lay.
And because of that... I can't engage with your content.

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Taking a peak at your post history here and video history on your channel, it's easy to see a common theme when it comes to anything Xbox. Even reading a comment you posted about "living in a land of awesome" when someone mentioned they have never known someone with an Xbox or played an Xbox themselves. To top it off, you are promoting your channel on here. So no, I will not watch your video.

Going to lock this as it's just an inflammatory thread.

Op couldn't be bothered to spend the time to build a proper, decent discussion, in the hopes to direct people to a platform to potentially profit from.

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