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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sweetest moment in a game

The task is simple: a good game has many good moments. But what is the sweetest of them all? "Sweet" is understood as best in this context. It could be a line of dialogue, it could be a whole scene, a room or town you just like to be in, a boss fight, the ending, etc. But it has to be the sweetest for you.

I will name a game and than its sweetest moment. Beware of spoilers. [Edit 1: if the game is new and you write so little that the sense of it is immediately clear, please hide it behind a spoiler box.]

Disagreement is encourraged. Tell me and everybody else what the actual sweetest moment of a game is that somebody else just mentioned.

I already had this thread with many paragraphes of sweetest moments, but my phone had other plans so here is the light version with just one simple sweetest moment most everybody would be able to agree upon:

Tetris: getting a Tetris.

So let me hear - what is your sweetest moment in any given game?

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Anabella's death.
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Jpcc86 said:
FFXVI - Anabella's death.

Im not interested in the game, but isnt that a bit of a spoiler for a new game?

Devil May Cry 1: The puppets are the coolest enemies the series ever had. The first encounter with them - legendary. Or the intro with Dante shooting his pistols the first time. Or the first fight with Vergil after him walking out of the mirror. But its cool and stylish action would feel somewhat hollow without a beating heart, an emotional core tying it together. So the sweetest moment for me has to be when Trish is gravely wounded and Dante crys about the lost opportunity to fill her dark soul with light. It is the perfect mixture of cheese and genuin heartfelt emotion these games need.

I'll do another dmc
Devil May Cry 4: in a show of unparalleled theatrics with Dante and the roses and all that stuff, the sweetest moment still falls to Nero. At the very end he stands before Kyrie, ashamed of his demon arm. But she comforts him, saying that nobody is as human as he is. Beautiful.

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Final Fantasy X

Tidus' hammy, cheesy fake laugh to cheer up Yuna - which evolves into both laughing for right real afterwards, as Yuna gets to unwind for a moment.

Beating my first dark souls type game bloodborne. When you first start playing you think this is impossible and you just keep getting better at the game.

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In SSX3 the Happiness stage - the name speaks for itself.

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

Kingdom Hearts 1: Donald and Goofy leaving Sora behind to go with Riku - I almost could not believe seeing that. But the sweetest moment has to go to the ending. The entire sequence is golden. Bitter sweet in this case. Sora not staying with Kairi, when their hands part and the music kicks in - right through the heart. Kairi walking on their island, going into the cave and finding Soras drawing: a papu fruit offered to Kairi, who starts crying and draws one in return. Lord, how sweet.

Mortal Kombat fatalities back in the 1990s were pretty damn sweet.

For modern games, probably Witcher 3 when you’re slow-motion dismembering, decapitating, or chopping people in half.

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