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Forums - Sony Discussion - Rumor: PS5 Pro specs leaked out, dev kits go out in 11/2023, release 11/2024

Reliable gaming journalist Tom Henderson leaked out 5 upcoming pieces of Playstation hardware earlier this year, 3 out of 5 of which have since been officially announced by Sony. The 4th, the detachable disc-drive standard PS5 coming in disc drive bundled and not bundled variants which will replace the base PS5 and PS5 Digital, which may or may not be PS5 Slim, is expected to be announced at a State of Play event very soon, and released in September 2023. The 5th piece of hardware, a PS5 Pro model, was also announced by Tom Henderson in the same leak earlier this year.

Now Tom has posted additional details about PS5 Pro. He says dev kits are due to ship out to devs in November 2023, with the console itself releasing a year later, November 2024. The Project Codename is Trinity, a callback to PS4 Pro's codename, Neo (Neo and Trinity are characters from The Matrix movies). The system has 30 WGP, or 60 compute units, though 4 compute units would likely be disabled for better yields, resulting in 56 compute units that are usable by devs, compared to 36 CU's on PS5 and 52 CU's on Series X which are usable by devs. Only 4 more CU's than Series X may not seem like alot, but the Series X GPU is clocked somewhat slower for better/quieter cooling, PS5 Pro's GPU would likely be clocked a good bit higher, in addition to the 4 extra CU's over Series X. If PS5 Pro's GPU has about the same clock rate as PS5, it would have around 15-15.5 tflops, compared to 10 tflops on base PS5, though it could possibly be clocked even faster. Meanwhile the RAM is said to have 18,000 megatranfers a second, which would presumably mean it has a unified pool of RAM that is about the same speed as Series X's GPU only RAM. The console is also expected to have the hardware accelerated ray tracing that Mark Cerny patented last year.

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Not exactly a huge leap in specs, but that is to be expected, Sony will likely want to keep the price within the ballpark of what people expect to pay for console. I'm guessing that Holiday 2024 we will see the new PS5 Slim no detachable disc drive model drop to $350, the one with the disc drive in the box drop to $400, and the PS5 Pro launching at $600. That would put a $200 gap between the base PS5 and the PS5 Pro, $200 getting you about 50% more GPU power, a faster CPU, faster RAM, and probably a somewhat bigger SSD.

Nice. I guess I know when Im getting a PS5 then.

KLXVER said:

Nice. I guess I know when Im getting a PS5 then.

Yep! avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Just got a PS5 like two weeks ago and I gotta be honest... thinking of returning it now. lol

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So it'll likely use a presumably downclocked version of the yet-to-be-released 7800 XT on an improved version of TSMC's N5 node, perhaps N4. More or less as expected, TBH.

Mind, RDNA3 has dual FP32 FMAs so technically it'll be ~ 36 TF instead of ~ 18 TF. Not that it makes a difference since like Nvidia's recent architectures it can't run these floats at the same time as other necessary compute ops. In practice, it should be roughly twice as fast as a PS5.






I'll skip. Due to a surprising amount of games coming to PC, I barely turned on my PS5. The only thing that might sway me is if Gamestop has a great trade in deal.

It also wouldn't surprise me if it sounds like a jet engine similar to the PS4 Pro due to how inefficient and power hungry RDNA 3 is.

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I'm actually surprised Sony has still not announced a Slim/Pro version of the PS5.

Way more interested to see what they do with the Slim, as the PS5 is actually quite good looking but its just too damn big.

Not gonna sell mine anyway, but I would like to see a smaller version of it.

The way this is spoke about there doesn't make it feel much special in terms of upgrade, like it's basically catching up to the difference between it and the Series X, with a surplus and the accelerated ray-tracing sauce.

As for pricing, it'll certainly be the most interesting part of the topic.

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