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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How will AI impact games in the upcoming years?

How do you think rise of Artificial Intelligence will impact games on the future? Things like ChatGPT, Youtube AI generated shows, and bots becoming more and more... Intelligent.

Some time ago, we had the release of a prototype Unreal Engine 5.2 game showing the potential of Replica's AI powered NPCs where you can literally talk to characters, and they actually understand what you said (well... Most of time).

Here's a video

Well, I think there's a lot of potential for this to become a thing on actual games. Of course, it still needs some time and studies, but it's a nice starting point.

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I think it's safe to say that interacting with NPC's is not fun in most situations. Unless it's something I don't need to do to progress, I'm fine with it. But if I have to speak irl to an NPC in the middle of the night like an idiot to make it further in the game then yeah I might uninstall.

Their internet goes down for 1 hour and they lose 3 months of progress

Sorry guys the elder scrolls 5 Skyrim mega-ultra AI edition delayed by 3 months because all the AI dialogue was wiped

In terms of gaming, NPC dialogue is the only thing I can think of that would be used for, and yet, surely that's all pointless unless it's relevant to the game. I mean I'm British so talk about the weather all the time, I'd rather not also go into a game and talk idle rubbish about the fake weather. I've got demons to kill.

Yet if the NPC starts talking about demons, I'd like it actually be about my problem, so how to kill the demons. If it needs to be actual information I can use then it needs to be scripted.

Plus, actors are on strike right now for the very worries about their jobs that this raises, who's voices are these? Fake or created via an programme?

Hmm, pie.

I think it will let you make your own games at some point and do some crazy mods to existing games. We're talking 5-10 years out though probably.

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More soulless than current AAA products. Games will become Kraft singles. A yellow chemical product claiming to be cheese. A product with no creativity. No individual thought poured into it. A product claiming to be a game.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I’m not enthusiastic about the content industry as it’s kind of shit so far. Not just that, but it’s becoming as big of a nuisance as conspiracy theory content—like how at one point 49 out of 50 history videos on YouTube was something about a conspiracy of archaeologists paid to keep ancient aliens or ancient high technology secret? Now we’re getting spammed scientific content that has the potential to make that number 49999 out of every 50000.

Every time I’m looking for scientific content on YouTube, I keep getting my search results clogged with these poorly done AI-generated video essays that mostly use the same generated voice and the same clips. Sometimes these videos don’t address the points they advertise. They’ll often put a thumbnail and title up to make it look like an interview with Alan Guth or Roger Penrose.

I don’t even like the term AI, it’s not artificial or intelligent. That’s just a marketing term. What happens if we develop something like the positronic brain?

Also, it pretty much has killed comment sections on news channels as now the broken English Russian and Chinese bots of the past have in more recent times begun to sound more human and more like a native speaker and not “I am the indigenous of The Britain of England who we should Brexit stop bad people. Praise to God.”

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I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Oops, little slip of the tongue there

Alex Nichiporchik, CEO of Hello Neighbor publisher TinyBuild, has raised eyebrows during a keynote in which he outlined potential uses of AI tools in the workplace, including the monitoring of employee Slack messages and meeting transcriptions to help identify "potential problematic players" - a discussion he has since insisted was "hypothetical".

Most of the impact will be on game development, from voice work to art work to QA. And as a result, games will lose some of their identity. But perhaps it will lead to much needed progress in dynamic story telling with dynamic quests in open world based games.

Both exciting and terrifying prospect!

As far as actual in-game stuff, I actually don't think much will change for the "average" game, since these language models are extremely compute intensive and using them inside the game (or API calls to an external server that the devs have to pay for) isn't likely.

Of course it will affect the game development process. More boring AI art for example, lol.