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Best of June 2023 Nintendo Direct

Super Mario Bros. Wonder 148 31.62%
Super Mario RPG Remake 119 25.43%
Star Ocean The Second Story R 26 5.56%
Gloomhaven 105 22.44%
Pikmin 1+2 Shadowdrop 8 1.71%
Untitled Peach Game 10 2.14%
Pikmin 4 23 4.91%
Batman Arkham Trilogy 11 2.35%
Metal Gear Solid Collection Vol 1 16 3.42%
Detective Pikachu Returns 2 0.43%

So 6 of the games are from Part 2. Not sure if days 1 and 3 just had more polarizing titles or if day 2 just had been one of the more evenly dispersed days but here we are. A lot of Mario and Pikmin in the finale. The title I'm most surprised to see up here is Gloomhaven but that's why I try to spread this out into a few days so that titles I missed out on get a chance for votes. As with the previous set, the number in parenthesis is how many votes the games received. Thankfully Detective Pikachu prevented the 3 way between Mario Kart 8 Booster, Warioware, and Dragon Quest from overflowing the list of games. 

Super Mario Bros. Wonder (171)

Super Mario RPG Remake (82)

Star Ocean The Second Story (51)

Gloomhaven (41)

Pikmin 1+2 Shadowdrop (39)

Untitled Peach Game (25)

Pikmin 4 (20)

Batman: Arkham Trilogy (19)

Metal Gear Solid Collection Vol 1 (18)

Detective Pikachu Returns (14)

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As much as I am excited for Star Ocean. I have a huge soft spot for Super Mario RPG. It means a lot to me for sentimental reasons. I have long thought that game were abandoned for lesser series. I liked Paper Mario a lot but those GBA/DS games are meh. Paper Mario I have nostalgia for as a game. SMRPG means a lot to me as a game and at a certain point in my life. Not only is it a remake. They didn't make it the standard modern Mario art and make a game nor did they just update the old models but merge the two. It works, it keeps the charm.  Having the original composer return means it's in perfect hands. Such an amazing game.

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lol Gloomhaven. Looks like we need some spam protection.

I'm sorry, how is a digital boardgame I've never heard of winning the poll? Bot voting?

Super Mario RPG for me! Already have it pre-ordered

Also, how da fuq Gloomhaven winning?

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Ill go with SMBW. SMRPG is very exciting as well, but it is a 1:1 remake, so I have already played it.

This seemed to happen last time around too. Someone must be super excited for it to go from 0 votes yesterday to winning today lol

What is up with Gloomhaven? Was it part of a big series I never heard of until now? Also, it was too soon for the Peach game, they needed to show actually something.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Darwinianevolution said:

What is up with Gloomhaven? Was it part of a big series I never heard of until now? Also, it was too soon for the Peach game, they needed to show actually something.

It’s a popular board game that they adapted but I don’t think it’s as big as it’s appearing on here 

Gloomhaven is amazing if you can get four people together. Truly one of the best board games ever. It's absurd how massive it is. Whereas similar games come with a scenario book of 10 to 20 quests, Gloomhaven has 50 for the main campaign and then almost as many sidequests in addition to that. What I like the most about it is that it doesn't use dice (I rarely have any luck in games with dice) as damage modifiers, but decks of cards that can be leveled up. This reduces random chance greatly and allows the game to be played with more strategy and that's what a turn-based strategy game should be about first and foremost.

What I find odd about the digital Gloomhaven, namely its product description on Switch, is the number of scenarios as well as the absence of the mention of the expansion Forgotten Circles whereas the stand-alone expansion Jaws of the Lion gets its honors. I'd hope that Forgotten Circles is fully integrated, because this should be a complete package on Switch.

None of this means that the poll results are legit. Just saying that people shouldn't be dismissive of it. A digital version that is a 1:1 conversion of the gameplay can be a godsend for people who don't know others in person who are into such games, because finding an online group is probably much more manageable. As is the ability of having a CPU manage all the stats and rules when you try to play the game alone. In my board game group we played Gloomhaven with the support of an app, because it made things a great deal easier when you have a dozen active enemies, each with their own HP, buffs and debuffs. If you have to manage all these things with the physical pieces the game comes with, it is quite a lot of work to place everything on exactly the spot where it belongs. Anyway, I am not sure myself if I'll buy this digital version. I know I wouldn't be playing online because I don't want to pay for NSO, but the idea of me alone controlling a party of four is tempting. Especially because I don't think that my board game group will return to Gloomhaven anytime soon; we have already preordered its sequel Frosthaven (German version).

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