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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best of Xbox/Bethesda Showcase Day 1


Which game was the biggest highlight of the Xbox Showcase? (PART 1)

Fallout 76 Road to Atlantic City 7 5.74%
South of Midnight 7 5.74%
Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth 22 18.03%
Microsoft Flight Simulato... 11 9.02%
Still Wakes the Deep 3 2.46%
Persona 5 Tactica 18 14.75%
Payday 3 5 4.10%
Sea of Thieves The Legend... 4 3.28%
Clockwork Revolution 45 36.89%

Going to basically do the same thing I did with the Playstation showcase and do a best of thread where several games go against each other each day and then for the last 4 days the winning games from the previous days will all be up against each other. I did randomize these games again, so please don't blame me if some days come off stronger than others. Instead of doing it the way I did last time though, I'll do a new thread each day so that we don't lose the previous polls. So with that, day 1, here we go!

Fallout 76

South of Midnight

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth (I guess this one is censored so go to youtube to watch it....for fairly obvious reasons. xD)

Microsoft Flight Simulator Dune Ornithopter Expansion

Still Wakes the Deep

Persona 5 Tactica


Sea of....Monkey Island? The Legend of Monkey Thieves? 

Clockwork Revolution

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I may have misunderstood again😬


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My prediction in 2023.

SW: 27m

PS5: 24m

XBS: 12m

Out of the ones in the poll - Clockwork Revolution.

Got me nostalgic for Bioshock Infinite.

Far and away Clockwork Revolution! Steampunk aesthetic and the thought of the RPG systems being you going back in time, making your choices, then returning to the present to see the consequences of how your choices played out has me really excited!

Out of those, Clockwork Revolution for sure. Also interested in South of Midnight, Like A Dragon, anf Flight Sim 2024.