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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Share your best Switch screenshots

For years I've been living under the impression that there was no easy way to transfer Switch screenshots to a PC, only to find out today that you can actually just connect it with a USB-C cable and copy them right over. Amazing! And what better way to celebrate than with a thread dedicated to sharing our best screenshots. Good timing too as Tears of the Kingdom is a damn near perfect game for screenshot worthy moments, but really the screenshots can be from any game. I'll just make one rule:

Make sure to put anything spoiler-ish in a Spoiler tag (even if it's inside another spoiler tag) and write Spoiler or Minor Spoiler above it (and make clear what game it's for)

Other than that just share your screenshots in whatever format you want, 1 or 2 at a time or a big ol' collection like this OP, anything goes (but fair warning there seems to be some sort of limit to the file size of a post, though I couldn't tell you how large it is).

Well that's the introduction, now here are just a few of my own 300+ screenshots (spread out over several posts as I seem to not be able to post it all at once).

Breath of the Wild + Tears of the Kingdom