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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Capcom’s Share Price Has Hit an All-Time High

As noted by games industy consultant Dr Serkan Toto, the company’s stock hit ¥4,865 ($36.42) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange earlier today and at the time of writing sits at the slightly lower ¥4,840.

This marks the highest share price in the history of the company, and the latest sign of continued growth in a company which, this time 10 years ago, had a share price of around ¥390 ($2.92).

Capcom’s Share Price Has Hit an All-Time High | VGC

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Well deserved, The future of Capcom looks amazing. You have to compare that to what Square enix is currently doing.

P/E ratio of 35 is dangerously overvalued now. Don't buy unless you think the company will have explosive growth of revenue in the next years.

That's some great news!

Now... Please, a new Breath of Fire, Capcom...?

Give us monster hunter stories 3 please and thanks

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Kneetos said:

Give us monster hunter stories 3 please and thanks

A million times yes! Capcom giving us a better Pokémon game than Game Freak

It's got to be because of them offering steep discounts on the 3DS and Wii U eShops as they closed. 😉

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Ten years ago, in 2013, blaring headlines read "Capcom only has $100 million in the bank."

It's crazy that Capcom completely shifted its image and changed fundamental expectations twice in a row despite "falling off" twice in a row... They took a major risk when they invested in RE4 back on the GameCube and completely changed our expectations of third person action adventure games and replayability. They did it again with how we expect and define "remakes" with RE2.

They really do have two redemption arcs. Though, the second arc is primarily funded by the fact that they decided to go multiplat when they did Monster Hunter World! Here's looking forward to the next main entry on RE Engine!

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although they always were good, i mean even in there lowest they were still more inovative than alot of other companies they made unique titles like God Hand and Okami but they weren't lucky with sales.

but still the greatest thing Capcom did was when they developed RE engine, after that everything they made is a big hit