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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Unbelievable: Microsoft pays politicians/smear-campaign&compiles false statistics ?!

As I'm sure you've heard over the past few days, Microsoft has launched a massive smear campaign against Sony on the web and at a higher level, insulting Nintendo. The anger at the American Microsoft mentality "we'll take over everything and our competition should have fewer chances" seems to be growing on the Internet. Could this turn into a shotstorm? Let's discuss it factually and exchange opinions :)
On the one hand, US politicians were paid for their statements in order to strengthen Microsoft at the government level and at the same time want to weaken Sony. Shortly after the money started flowing, US Senator Maria Cantwell (Washington State Representative) advocated for Sony to be significantly weakened and portrayed in a bad light.

Microsoft presented the US senator with fake statistics and what appears to be $500,000, claiming that Sony has a 98% market share in Japan. This is of course an outright lie. When asked what happened to Nintendo.. they don't "exist", so they say. A few weeks ago, Sony accused the American company of ongoing harassment. As Microsoft grabs countless studios with lots of ip's (which have been selling better on PlayStation for decades), US politicians have been urged to talk to the Japanese government to make Sony less exclusive. This is of course very ironic, since Sony has bought fewer studios and significantly fewer/entire IP names in recent years than Microsoft, which is worth tens of billions. Call of Duty alone will boost Microsoft's finances significantly. When asked why Sony is so much more popular than Xbox in Japan, people were reluctant to respond. But the interest of the Japanese people probably doesn't matter. While few Japanese developers want to work directly with Microsoft, it's simply reversing the fact by claiming that Sony makes all purchases for exclusive games (a perfectly normal process in any company and in gaming as a whole. Microsoft did the same). Sony announced that in the PS2 era you could have bought any studio, but you always followed the laws and rules of the world. While MS accuses PlayStation of a monopoly, Microsoft keeps silent about the official data proving how much the pc market is dominated by Windows. In general, it's quite ironic that Microsoft has only had one focus for the last many months. And these are not games, as has been seen since 2022.

Did Phil Spencer give his okay for the smear campaign or is it the big Microsoft alone behind it? The console division couldn't have afforded the takeovers of such large gaming companies, but the money flowed in from all other divisions. At the time, an Xbox boss said that the Xbox only came about because they wanted to hurt Sony. Is that true, guys? This course will now be continued aggressively ?

What do you think of Microsoft trying to do things like this at the government level? And that PS5 games production was halted after Microsoft took over Bethesda? What do you think of it in general that politicians accept money "as a donation" to assert the interests of the US company? You can talk about the things here. Its a interesting topic and bad for the industry in my opinion. I'm very curious about your thoughts.

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