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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Epic's Biggest Gamble Ever

Start at 47:29 for the relevant section:

Epic wants Fortnite to usurp Roblox as the biggest Play-Create-Share platform in the world. To that end they are introducing the Unreal Editor into Fortnite so that users can make and kitbash tens of thousands of assets from FN, Quixel, Sketchfab, etc into their own unique experiences all right within the game itself. With this comes a new creator economy that I'm still not super clear on myself but seems to be their own take on an attention share based revenue split not unlike Roblox or certain streaming services. Beyond that Tim Sweeney makes it pretty clear that he wants Fortnite (or the Unreal Editor at large) to become the definitive metaverse of the future - which definitely raises some red flags.

What do you guys think? Will Fortnite become a Roblox level success or a Zuckerverse level flop? Do you have any interest in the Editor as a player or creator? If it does succeed, hopefully it treats its creators better than Roblox does:

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This is one of those crazes that just completely passed me by and I was amazed to learn Roblox was as huge as it is. But obviously they've established that there is an enormous market there, so no surprise some of the more traditional game publishers are looking to get in on the action.

No idea whether Epic will be successful or not, although the Fortnite integration gives them a better shot than anyone else, but the instant I see devs/publishers talking about metaverses I start rolling my eyes.