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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Counter-Strike 2 official! Releasing Summer 2023

So far it's only a few videos, but my god, the mad lads at Valve actually did it!

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Despite being over 10 years old now, CS:GO has still not been slowing down. Less than 2 weeks ago, the game had its highest all-time concurrent player count at, 1,420,183. Counter-Strike has endless longevity. This sequel is about to break ALL the Steam records!

But still no Half-Life 3


Ashadelo said:

But still no Half-Life 3

Valve can't count to 3

I imagine a PC only release to begin with. But wouldn't surprise me to see a console release a year or two down the road. Would be interesting to see if Counter Strike could make it big in the console space.

CSGO was released on PS3/360 but I don't believe they were particularly successful. But those consoles were practically finished by the time it came out. Might have been more popular if it was a launch title for ps4/Xbo instead.

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The tick rate part is very interesting and if it ends up working well could be great for future competitive games.

Sub tick updates? server side thats gonna be a much bigger load and stress for the servers.

So its gonna be a free update/content for CSGO.

BasilZero said:

So its gonna be a free update/content for CSGO.

Yeah but it's causing confusion as to why the "2" is even there

gtotheunit91 said:

Yeah but it's causing confusion as to why the "2" is even there

I wonder if it has to do with anything with the Source Engine 2.

Eh, I'll still reinstall the game sometime when this comes out.

Edit: Now that I think about it...the last time I played CSGO was back in 2015 (on my 2012 rig) and my current gaming PC is from 2019 - bet it'll look great compared to then lmao.