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Which type of mario game for the Switch is your favorite?

2D Mario (New Super Mario... 54 8.44%
3D Mario (Odyssey, 3D Wor... 406 63.44%
Fighting (Super Smash Bros) 32 5.00%
Mario + Rabbids (Kingdom ... 12 1.88%
Mario Kart (Mario Kart 8 ... 88 13.75%
Mario Party (Superstars, Super Mario Party) 10 1.56%
Mario Sports (SuperRush G... 2 0.31%
Paper Mario (The Origami King) 12 1.88%
Spinoffs (Captain Toad, Y... 24 3.75%

It's Mario Day! to honor the worlds most famous plumber, I'm asking you all, which was your favorite type of game for the Nintendo Switch? 

  • Mario + Rabbids (Kingdom Battle, Sparks of Hope)
  • Mario Sports (Golf, Tennis Aces, Strikers)
  • Mario Kart  (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit)
  • Mario Party (Superstars, Super Mario Party)
  • 2D Mario Platform (New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario Maker)
  • Paper Mario (The Origami King)
  • 3D Mario (Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario 3D World+ Bowser's Fury, 3D Collection)
  • Fighting (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

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Mario party is great and I have a lot of fun with it, but nothing can beat a good old 3d mario game.

Odyssey is easily the best Switch Mario game. But MK8D is fantastic too and Luigi's Mansion 3 had me tempted to vote for the spinoffs option.

On Switch I played Mario Kart 8 the most, of Mario games, but overal the 3D games are my favourite. 64 obviously, one of the best things ever made, but also Galaxy. Mario Kart as a series is still a close second. It's crazy to think how many games I've played over the years that feature Mario!

Love all Mario series.
But 3D Mario is special. Still stings that Galaxy 2 was omitted from the 3D collection.


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Kart, and its not even close.

Odyssey is the best Mario game. I haven't played the enhanced port of 3D World, but it was fun on Wii U. You could also add 3D Mario All-Stars to that. With all of that in mind, I have to pick 3D Mario.
I feel like picking Smash is cheating because although there is heavy Mario presence in many facets of the game, it's not a series of Mario games and is a huge crossover.
Picking Yoshi, Wario, and DK games is kind of cheating as well because they have little to do with Mario at all compared to Luigi's Mansion and most Mario games we think of.

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Mario Kart 8 Kart Deluxe, Paper Mario : The Origami King and Super Mario Odyssey are my favorites amongst the list given.

As for the sports games released on the platform, Mario Tennis Aces eclipses them easily. That game still got the best gameplay out of these games and the all the updates while necessary truly constructed a great game needing those finishing touches.

Would like to see their next one actually incorporate an RPG adventure mode like we had back on the handheld games !

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The 3D games. Odyssey is incredible. 3D World is fantastic. And 64/Sunshine/Galaxy in one package is fantastic (though Galaxy 2 should have been in there too).

Smash Ultimate is one of my favorite games but it doesn't compare to all three of those 3D titles combined.
2D Mario is great but New U was a pretty weak game and Mario Maker is very cool but I'm just not interested in putting in the time to make levels.
Mario Kart is great as always.
Mario + Rabbids is a fantastic series.
Of all the other games Super Rush Golf is my favorite, got much better once they added all the content updates, though still could have been a better game, but its solid.

The 3D Marios.

The 2D Marios just havent been as fun ever since all they got is NSMB games.