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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Horror Movie Production Firm Blumhouse Launches a Gaming Division

Horror filmmaker Blumhouse has launched a new subsidiary to produce and publish video games. Blumhouse Games will be headed by president Zach Wood and CFO Don Sechler.

Blumhouse Games will partner with independent game developers to bring their creative visions to life via original, horror-themed games for console, PC and mobile audiences.

In the spirit of its film business, Blumhouse Games will target indie-budget games (below $10 million) to enable innovation and push creative boundaries.

Wood has been a video game producer for more than 25 years and has shipped over 30 games on every major platform — from the Game Boy to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The games range from large-teamed triple-A titles award-winning indies, like Sound Shapes, Hohokum, The Unfinished Swan and Bound at Santa Monica Studio/PlayStation; Prey: Mooncrash and Redfall at Arkane/Bethesda; and most recently, a stint with Iron Galaxy.

Before joining Blumhouse Games, Sechler headed finance, operations, and strategy for Sony PlayStation’s publisher and developer relations function, where he helped to structure and execute business development deals for the development, marketing, and distribution of games ranging from the largest IP in video games to first-time developers.

Upon joining the team in 2013, he was a key team member reforming the culture of PlayStation’s relationship with third-party game creators, culminating in the investment of over $150 million in indie game content, generating significant returns for creators. He also created the team that advises game makers on industry best practices that help optimize the engagement and monetization of their content.

Horror Filmmaker Blumhouse Expands Into Games | VentureBeat

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But the market is already saturated with horrible horror games. Stick to making mid horror films.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Wonder what kinda games they want to make. I assumed they wanted in on asymmetric MP games like Dead by Daylight and the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then I see they're going low budget/indie. That made me think of first person games like Amnesia, then I see they want to release on mobile. I suppose the latter is still a possibility.

It'll certainly be interesting if they're gonna go the same approach as Bloober Team cuz if that's the case, oooofffff !

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