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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Assault Suit Valken (Cybernator) coming to Switch

I've made it no secret I love the game Assault Suit Leynos. In my name and I love the series in general. Well now if you never played the series. This is the prequel. Also known as Cybernator on SNES. Series may not be the most well known but it did inspire a few series back in the day. Also note the remake of Assault Suit Leynos is on PSN and Steam often on sale for less than $3 and it's great! Oh how giddy this makes me even tho I have it twice on SNES. US and Japanese copy. Plus the PS2 remake. You bet your ass I am buying it a 4th time! I own ASL 5 times lol. Btw the original ASL game is on NSO Genesis with the old US name Target Earth. (Remake is much better tho)

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

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The only real problem with the original Japanese version was that in the end the main antagonist shoots himself, which took away the opportunity to kill him personally.

Regardless, it's awesome that it's coming to Switch. ^^