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Forums - General Discussion - Have you ever cheated on a major test/exam in school before?


Have you ever cheated on a major test/exam before?

Yes 6 35.29%
No 11 64.71%

Have you guys ever done it?

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Yes: had a hidden post card with math formulas in a calculus class. For some reason, teacher didn't want us using a post card with formulas. Seemed BS since in real life, I'd imagine a professional mathematician would have them in arms reach...

No, but my Advanced Physics professor said one of the homework questions would be on the test. So after giving us the answers to all the questions, I copied the gist of every questions answers on the allowed formula sheet with which we can write anything on. Technically within the rules.

Another instance in Physics is when using an online platform I found that we could answer as many times as possible. I am sure, the professor saw that I put in 100s of answers in order to finally guess a few of them right, but it was easy grades.

No, and that's a no for all kinds of exams instead of just major ones.

I did some cheating back in high school and prior. Once I got into college, I didn't do it again.

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I'm not sure it counts but I took a class that had online tests that you could retake as much as you wanted. So I would take it and write down the answers until I could get them all correct. 

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I did 2 or 3 times, I don't know how but I got very very low grades on the ones where I've cheated, so I guess cheating isn't my thing

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 I figured out my car shop teacher's password and changed my grade to an A. He never taught anything. He just sat around and let us watch Scooby-Doo and play cards, but somehow that equaled what grades we got in his mind. So I changed it. A D? pfft Deez nuts!

For tests and things in other classes no I never did. I did procrastinate a lot and would only study the night before or in a couple of cases  one hour before. Still did just fine. I would've scored better than a B had I taken the week to study like I was supposed to in history Mr. Vandergate.

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Nope, studying is not that hard, soyou van easily get them if you just put some work in.

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Nope. Never needed to.

Wouldn't know how to either.