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Forums - Movies & TV - King of the Hill revival greenlit by Hulu, Judge and Daniels returning

Hulu has ordered a revival of King of the Hill, which has been rumored off and on since 2017. Series creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels are back as executive producers, while Saladin Patterson (Wonder Years reboot) is the showrunner. Returning voice actors include Mike Judge (Hank Hill), Kathy Najimy (Peggy Hill), Stephen Root (Bill Dauterive), Pamela Adlon (Bobby Hill), Johnny Hardwick (Dake Gribble), and Lauren Tom (Minh Souphanousinphone). In spite of earlier rumors, driven by interviews with Judge and Daniels, that the series might have a time skip to make Bobby, Connie, and Joseph older, it is confirmed that Bobby is still 13 in the revival. No word yet on how the deaths of the voice actors of Luanne (Brittany Murphy) and Lucky (Tom Petty) since the original show ended will impact their characters in the revival. Also no word on when the revival is set to debut.

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On the one hand I'm very happy to hear the revival is happening, this is my favorite of all the adult western cartoons out there, above Futurama in 2nd place. However, having Saladin as the showrunner is leaving me somewhat skeptical, I heard his Wonder Years reboot wasn't all that good, and it seemed to flop in viewers too, the original Wonder Years had between 10m and 35m viewers over the course of it's run, his reboot series debuted with just 6m viewers and fell to around 2.6m by the end of the first season, and that is with live viewers and DVR viewers combined.

Hulu will do everything but give news about Orville

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Looking at the landscape of western adult animated showwriters nowadays. Let's just say I'm going to be slightly skeptical on how the show might end up as a result.
Yet, I'm not deploying the return of a litteral King of the genre

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