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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are Porn Games a Viable Market?

Yeap, you read that right: I delved into a market mostly hidden from the public eye! That's, of course, thanks to the Steam Deck causing me to check the store so often... But seriously, are these actual games?!

There's no written version, and despite YouTube age-restricting it, there is obviously no actual porngraphic or sexually explicit content shown (otherwise they would have taken the video down lol)

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As someone who is somewhat familiar with the RPG maker scene, I can confirm that RPG maker games containing porn consistently sell (much!) better than RPG maker games without. It's a hard truth to swallow for newcomers that their traditional RPG they've lovingly worked on for years will probably be outsold by some crappy porn game slapped together in a few months.

In a Nut-shell, Yep. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Yes, but only if they create more ergonomic controllers for the genre.

Only if @SegaHeart says so. He seems to be verse with this genre and how the girls need to look to sell well.



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Nintendo seems to be ok with them, The games I witness are just nudes. So is the Witcher series and those have sex.

They're super lame but yes. Tho to get off on games and cartoons seems weird to me.

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Yes, big anime tiddies are a viable market.

I'd say they would be a huge market if console manufacturers, digital market places (and social media channels) embraced them instead of trying to ban them from their stores.
Nude mods are among the most popular mods of any game. As for Skyrim, one nude female body replacer has 15.4 million downloads and another one has 8.5 million downloads. That's just for the PC version.

The problem is no one takes them seriously. If you go to a porn game site, usually it’s wall to wall cringeworthy apps that are more along the lines of gross-out games than something actually sexy and/or entertaining. The games are basically the same crap as they were on Newgrounds like 20+ years ago.

On the EShop most of the games are these very cheap soft core puzzle games that aren’t worth the 4 quid they charge. Also, they’re anime, which I don’t think is going to hook many people in any audience niche outside of (maybe) the virgin teenagers and Japan.

I think certain parts of Witcher 3 were on the right track, although the sex scenes were fairly tame and low-budgeted (no foreplay, reusing animations, etc…). Maybe the dev team was shy about sex? Either way, I think few people will deny that the wedding scenario and Shani hookup in Hearts of Stone was one of the best parts of Witcher 3 Complete (and that’s saying a lot for a game that extensive and high quality).

What I’d like to see is a developer making an attempt at a story based pornographic game geared towards couples. The Switch would be a fairly good console for that since each player can have their own screen. I think there’d be a big market for it. But yeah, I’m very much into the idea.

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